SIMRAD Argus X-Band Radar System

IMO approved
The Argus X-Band is a state of the art professional X-band radar including 6 and 9 foot antenna options* and up-mast transceiver in both 12kW and 25 kW. Thanks to the modular design, they can either be assembled to form a stand-alone display cabinet, or be flush mounted into a mechanical bridge console. The standard configuration always includes full ARPA, AIS and an electronic built-in interswitch for dual radar installations.
Simrad is currently the only manufacturer who can offer X-Band, S-Band and Broadband.
Adding a heading input from an autopilot system or dedicated sensor will allow the radar image to be overlaid on the chart. Targets can be interpreted instantly with respect to chart information such as navigation aids and coastlines.

*Note: a 12ft antenna option is available and this requires a different up-mast transceiver.

The X-Band Radar shares the majority of the modular components with the S-Band Argus Radar. The wide screen monitors, keyboard and processor boxes are the same. This makes installation simple and also reduces the amount of spares that need to be kept onboard. Installation activities are further simplified by the fact that there is a simple direct coupling between the transceiver, the rotary joint and the antenna -this also minimises the RF loss between the transceiver and antenna, so increases overall performance. Like the S-Band, the interface with the console uses a single connector ended cable that allows radar controlling and tuning remotely from the radar display without having to open the radar case.

The Argus X-Band System comes with a performance monitor, keyboard, core unit and includes 100 target ARPA plus 300 AIS targets -there are no hidden costs.
Ice Detection
For vessels operating in low temperature environments, purchasing the Ice Detection unlock key helps reduce any potential risk of serious incidents in Arctic waters. This special application supports both strategic route planning and tactical ice avoidance.
The reflectivity properties of different objects (or surfaces) will be displayed on screen as different colours. Sea water, grease ice, firstyear ice and in general low radar reflectivity areas are represented with a shade of colour from black through to green, while land, old rough ice, vessels etc. are represented by a shade of colour from green through to red. The Ice Detection unlock key will assist the ships navigators to set a course that will follow safety routes for significant time savings and to avoid damage to the ship, ultimately increasing operational profits.
Radar Approvals
Both the Argus X-Band and S-Band radars meet and even exceed IMO regulations and Solas V minimum carriage requirements as follows:
All ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards and passenger ships, irrespective of size, should be fitted with a 9 GHz X-band Radar.
All ships of 500 gross tonnage and upwards should have an automatic tracking aid.
All ships of 3000 gross tonnage and upwards should have a 3 GHz S-band radar or where considered appropriate by the administration a second 9 GHz X-band radar, functionally independent of those referred to in point 1.
Other Radar Approvals
EC Marine Equipment Directive (MED)
United States Coast Guard (USGC)
China Classification Society (CCS)
ISO 9001


Networking Connectors
NMEA 0183 Interface Gyro, Speed log, EPFS, AIS, Wind sensor, Ext. Alarm Interface
Humidity Range [rh] Up to 93% at 40°C (IEC 60945)
Alarms [mA] Acoustic and visual warning for: Dangerous Target, Target in Guard Zone, Lost Target, System Failure and external interface sensors (EPFS and AIS).
Other Features Anchor watch, echo reference speed (not for AIS enabled systems), EPFS speed.
Serial interface NMEA 0183 (IEC 61162-1/2) RATTM RAOSDRARSD- RAALR sentence AIACK for AIS alarm acknowledge, RATTD, RATLB, Dead Man Alarm, Power Fail, Danger Target, Video
Operating Temperature Display Unit: -15° to 55°C (IEC 60945 protected equipment)
Antenna group: In-door -15° to 55°C
Out-door, std -25°C to 55°C
Out-door option: Down to -40°C (Pedestal with heater)
Operating Temperature Stored 25°C to 70°C (IEC 60945)
Specified Standards IMO Resolution A.813 (19)
A.694 (17), MSC192 (79),
MSC 36 (63), IMO Circ. S/N 217
IEC 60945 (General Requirements)
IEC 62388 (Performance Requirements)
IEC 61162-1/2 (NMEA Interface)
Antenna Horizontal Beam Width [deg] 1,3 / 0,9 °
Antenna Rotation Speed 20 or 40 rpm RPMs
Antenna Type 6 or 9 ft
Antenna Vertical Beam Width 22 °
RadarVibration As per IEC 60945
Display Resolution 1930 x 1200 (H x W)
Display Type LCD
DisplayModes Day / Night modes (H x W)
Display Resolution [pixels x pixels] 1930 x 1200 (H x W)
Display Size [mm] 686
Power Consumption 500 W max (depending on monitor and wind load)
External Power Supply Box Display Unit: 220/115 VAC 50/60 Hz (30 W)
SRT X-Band Radar: 220/115 VAC 50/60 Hz (300 VA)
Fed by Core unit